The Insight Path


Bridging the gap between you and the media


Have you always dreamed of seeing your name in a magazine?

Do you compare yourself to other businesses and wonder how on earth they are getting the media coverage you are craving? 

Hi, I'm Tara, founder of The Insight Path.

I’m here to help you promote your business, get published and implement a winning press strategy that works for you.

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  • I want to help you become a more visible and globally recognised brand

  • I help businesses get media coverage that they can be proud of

  • I’m on a mission to demistify PR and make it simple, easy and effortless

  • I can provide insights, spot gaps or new opportunities that come from not being personally involved in your business

  • I rely on my intuition and consistent knowledge of the wellness industry to help grow your business

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Wellness PR agency

You are in the right place…


If you have a product that you want featured in magazines and online.

If you have a retreat or wellness experiences that you want reviewed by journalists and editors.

If you want to have your writing published regularly as an industry expert to drive traffic to your website and promote your services.


Imagine having your brand featured in a top national publication seen by millions of people! 

Wellness PR consultancy