The Insight Path


I offer a range of services to suit a variety of budgets because I understand the importance of making smart investments when you are building and growing your business.



My PR Basics is a powerful 1:1 masterclass ideal for smaller businesses who have time to implement a DIY PR strategy. During our 60 minutes together, I’ll share with you my most valuable insights on the following topics:

  • Writing a short professional bio

  • Developing an engaging and relevant topic lists

  • Pitching yourself to the media

  • Press Release format and examples

  • Setting up brand collaborations and giveaways


Consistent media coverage and exposure helps to build and grow a brand’s existing reputation. 


1:1 PR CONSULTANCY £2,000/month

If you are looking for a more personalised service, I offer one to one PR support for businesses who are looking to achieve quick and effective PR results to grow their brand with mainstream and health conscious media.

Knowing how to promote your business can feel like a minefield and frankly who has the time to sit down and study magazines and websites and figure out exactly what they are looking for! You are busy running your business and doing what you love so that’s where I come in. 

Over the last 6 years I’ve nurtured a growing list of media contacts from some of the world’s top publications and they know that I always deliver top quality content. 

My one to one services include:

  • Targeted monthly press releases

  • Establishing journalist visits and review opportunities

  • Developing partnerships and brand collaborations 

  • Monthly calls and strategy sessions

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